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Copa America Centenario 2016

Learn to pronounce the names of the players at the Copa Amercia

Can you pronounce the names of the players taking part in the Copa America? Don't worry, help is at hand with Forvo's pronunciation guide to the Copa America Centenario.

We've got the player names from all the teams participating, such as Brazil, Argentina, USA, Chile and more.

The Copa America, formerly known as the South American Football Championship, is a men's international football tournament traditionally contested between the national teams South America (CONMEBOL).

It is the oldest international continental football competition and in 2016 celebrates 100 years of existance. Owing to CONMEBOL's limited number of registered confederations, countries from other continents are also invited to participate to make up the 12 teams necessary for the current tournament format.

Since 1993, two teams from other confederations, usually from CONCACAF whose members are geographically and culturally close, have also been invited.

The current champions are Chile and this year the tournament takes place in the USA.

Photo: France x Equador via photopin (license)

Argentina football team

How to pronounce the player names of the Argentina national football team